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We Help Building Your Remote Quant Researchers Team, Working as a Flexible Extension of Your Fund

Save up to 60% of fixed costs and deliver Alpha by deploying the latest advances in Quantitative Research, Machine Learning, and Data Science. We have a pipeline of math talents from universities and other firms.


13 Points Why You Should Consider This Right Now:

1. What is the goal?

The goal of building your extended remote Quant team is to use knowledge of finance, math, statistics, machine learning and programming to create quantitative signals automatically identifying what stocks to buy/sell for your wealth fund.

2. What we can do for you?

We offer to build your Remote Quants Team in Poland, working as a flexible extension of your Firm (Extended Delivery Center). Save up to 60% costs while having the top 1% of Quants in Eastern Europe. We built it for other Investment companies, we can build one for you. We take care of all the running costs of Quants (including cover medical and life insurance, paid holidays, notice period, etc.) You will receive one invoice monthly based on the Master Service Agreement and Statement of Work. We offer three types of engagement: monthly, hourly or project. No hidden charges.


3. How can we add value to your company?

  • Reduce your costs by 60%! Instead of paying $175,000 (yr total compensation for Quant Researcher in New York according to Linkedin research) pay only $70,000 for Quants with PhD in Poland, Hungary or Romania. Check here for example resumes.

  • We guarantee the highest quality by hiring the top 1% Quant/Data talents in Europe. 

  • Build your company on flexible terms adjusting quickly to the market demand. Forbes noted that this may be one of the hardest times in history to fill a tech position. Talent is unlikely to make a move and companies are resilient to make permanent hires. When many companies struggle to meet demand, you can be more cost-conscious and adoptable to a fluid work environment by using our services, Polystat is well-positioned to be of assistance. We have been an innovator in the distributed development workforce since 2015.

  • Get more loyal employees. According to a “Developers Survey Results 2019” conducted by Stackoverflow, European developers stay longer with an employer than the US. Our experience suggests that Quants from eastern Europe once they become productive and settle down with your company, they are more likely to stay longer than equivalent Quants from other countries. The Quants form the markets that we focus on tend to value jobs much higher and stay with one company longer. In turn, this will save you a lot of money and reduce the stress and time of finding new Quants. 

  • We will manage and facilitate your Remote Quant Team in Poland. Provide office space if needed, computers etc. In Covid-19 time every company becomes remote. It doesn’t matter if you are 40 miles away from New York or you are based in Warsaw or Budapest. Everyone is remote.

  • Quants work in Times & Material model (hourly rate), which means you pay only for delivered work hours. You do not have to cover medical and life insurance, you don’t have to pay notice period, you don’t pay for holidays. We will take care of all of these. This means that you can save a lot of money and concentrate on your business.

  • 1-Day notice period. To make you more comfortable to start a project with us, we offer very flexible terms of cancelation.

  • Free replacements. If a Quant decides to leave the company, we will replace the Quant with similar skills and experience free of charge.

4. Why now?


  • COVID19 outbreak shows that now every company has to become remote. Start building a distributed organization. Take advantage of this challenging time and adapt faster than your competitors. Save money and become flexible.

  • In the midst of pandemic “Wall Street” is doubling efforts to cut costs. All hires are on the freeze but the work must go on. Our model with a flexible team and 1-Day notice serves as an ideal solution.

  • This time is a massive opportunity to make your company more efficient. You can be most successful by leveraging the opportunity to instill new working practices for remote work. If you can get a company to the point where people are equally efficient when they’re working remotely you give your company a lot more opportunities to grow.  

  • Alternative Data is Untapped Alpha. “The biggest opportunity for investors in this decade comes from the signals buried in the data generated by the digital economy. Alternative data is the deepest, least utilized alpha source in the world today - Quandl”. In an industry where almost every player has access to the same (or similar) core financial and fundamental data, investment firms look for Alternative Data seeking differentiated insights into companies not found in filings, earnings calls or fundamental datasets. According to MIT article “Models beats Wall Street analysts in forecasting business financials” 


5. What Quants can do for you?

Quantitative Researchers play a key role in building successful investment teams by developing next-generation models and trading approaches for a range of investment strategies. This is example Scope of Work:


  • Assisting in developing core algorithms and models leading directly to trading decisions

  • Constructing innovative ideas, methods, and models and efficiently implement in code

  • Challenging quantitative research by applying sophisticated and complex statistical techniques to financial markets and some of the most complex data sets in the world

  • Working closely with Traders or Portfolio Managers to interpret valuations and develop next-generation models and analytics

  • Evaluating financial data vendors; evaluate and work with new data sources and analytics packages in developing investment strategies

  • Providing high level technical and investment analytics support to trading desks

  • Applying a process-driven focus on researching, developing and implementing internal Alpha Capture strategies

  • Supporting research and statistical analyses about securities and commodities

  • Working closely with other researchers to develop and continuously improve upon mathematical models, and help translate algorithms into code

6. Our clients

Portfolio of our existing clients varies form small investment companies to major hedge funds from New York to Boston. The number of interested companies are growing.

7. Why is the right partner for you?

We are a team of specialized professionals in Quant and Data related projects. We know how to recruit the best Quants, retain them and make collaboration working with clients to deliver a lot of value. Here you can check a couple of profiles of our candidates. We’ve been building distributed tech teams since 2014. 


We focus on three key aspects: Recruitment, Retention and Collaboration

  • Recruitment. We specialize in Quants/Data recruitment, our team consists of best quants so we know how to source and verify candidates. Our team includes Ph.D.’s and Professors in finance, mathematics, statistics and data science.

  • Retention. When we have a great Quant it is all about keeping them working for you as long as you need them. After the onboarding period, when Quant starts to be productive it is our goal to keep them motivated, happy and satisfied. We believe that honest feedback is crucial for everyone's development. We also do retrospective meetings to check how the project went and find areas for improvement in the future.

  • Collaboration. This is about how the well working team delivers more than the sum of individuals. It all starts with the new team members onboarding process. The process is documented in a Confluence page as a checklist. We also set up success criteria (KPIs) for the first month and the next 3 months. We communicate with our people every day. Project Management Institute (PMI) revealed ineffective communication is the primary contributor to project failure one-third of the time. It is even more important while having a remote team in a different time zone to work synchronized. All team members should understand the goal of the project. The tasks should be well described and the project's objectives precisely defined to keep the team members productive and maintain the workflow. We appreciate the importance of it and can help facilitate a great work environment for a distributed team.

8. Why Eastern Europe is a great choice for building your Quant Lab? 


This region has many advantages:

  • In Eastern Europe, all public universities are free of charge. It means that everyone has equal access to higher education. It generates a huge population of very talented young people.

  • Quants from EE highly value working for top tier Investment Management Companies from financial capitals like New York, London, or Singapur while giving you the advantage of having the best talents compared to your competitors who source locally.

  • Lower salary expectation (instead of paying quant $100/h in New York you can pay $50 for people with PhD and number of years of experience).

  • Loyal developers (employees in Europe stay longer with one company than people in the US). Return of investment is higher because after onboarding you do not lose them.


9. How does it work?


We are signing an NDA and Master Service Agreement. During the term of this Agreement, Polystat will provide consulting services to your Company. Quants will be full time dedicated to your project, we are not sharing them with others.


10. How we recruit? 


We are experts in hiring Quants. We have a bold candidates pipeline. How does our process look like? First, we source candidates. When we see a good resume (relevant experience and knowledge in finance, statistics, programming, machine learning) we schedule a discovery call to check soft skills and culture fit (communication skills, English level, expectations etc.). If satisfied we are sending a recruitment task (case study, example task you can check here). Usually, the candidate has 1 week to solve it. At this stage we involve you in the process, to assess solved case study and check resume. The next step is the interview with your team (Portfolio Manager, Quant Team Lead or Project Manager). When you see a good fit we are preparing a job offer for the candidate. 


11. How much does it cost?


We are not a recruitment agency which mostly focuses one “selling” you a candidate, charging a recru fee and switching to other clients. We work in a different way. We hire all the chosen candidates and provide you with outsourcing services across the whole period of contract/project. Our fee is at the top (commission) of the candidate salary. As you see, our best interest is to find you candidates that will stay with you for long because only in this way we are earning money. What is more, we work in a transparent model with our clients, so you know exactly the Consultant salary and our margin. It is always clear for what you pay for. You can see also our service as a staff augmentation or extension (or team leasing).


12. What other services can we offer for you? 

  • Software Engineering. Create platforms and systems to implement and manage your trading strategies. Apply data and automation to various aspects of your investing process.

  • Data Engineering, Science & Analysis. Build reliable data pipelines. Identify fast if the new data source is trustworthy and could enrich your current data sets. The team takes care of data ingestion, cleansing, transformation, and data quality. Analysts curate massive amounts of data for thousands of different tradable instruments, including stocks, bonds, futures, contracts, commodities, and more.

13. Our candidates are carefully selected and have the following skills: 

  • Masters in a Quantitative subject (Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics, Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent)

  • Strong Quantitative/Statistical skills and independent research experience

  • Advanced programming experience scripting in Python

  • Ability to challenge conventional thinking and possess a mindset of continuous improvement

  • Experience working with Machine Learning models

Take advantage of our expertise and focus on your project, not hiring. Vetted & handpicked 'Quants' for your needs.


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