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Hire Quantitative Researchers From Poland

We can help you build your own Quantitative Researchers Team in Eastern Europe!

Quantitative Researchers play a key role in building successful investment teams by developing next-generation models and trading approaches for a range of investment strategies. 


A quant may be required to:

  • Research and analyze market trends and statistics to make modeling decisions

  • Develop and implement complex quantitative models (e.g. models for trading equities) and analytical software/tools

  • Perform daily statistical analyses (e.g. risk analytics, loan pricing, default risk modeling, etc.) and coding tasks (e.g. pattern recognition or machine learning)

  • Detail model specifications and methods of data collection

  • Test new models, products and analytics programs

  • Maintain and modify analytical models while in use

  • Apply or invent independent tools to verify results

  • Collaborate with teams of mathematicians, computer engineers, and physicists to develop optimal strategies

  • Consult with financial industry personnel on trading strategies, market dynamics, trading system performance, etc.

  • Generate requirement documentation for software developers

  • Present and interpret data results to senior management and clients

Our candidates are carefully selected and have the following skills: 

  • Masters in a Quantitative subject (Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics, Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent)

  • Strong Quantitative/Statistical skills and independent research experience

  • Advanced programming experience scripting in Python

  • Ability to challenge conventional thinking and possess a mindset of continuous improvement

  • Experience working with Machine Learning models

Take advantage of our expertise and focus on your project, not hiring. Vetted & handpicked 'Quants' for your needs. Ready to move forward?